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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-06

  • DS18 has arrived in Sydney from Guangzhou. Feel enormously relieved. #
  • First week of June! Taking the week off from writing, giving the kids off from school. #
  • Will be talking (briefly) about the Duchess of York's apology on the BBC World News tonight–cut your radio on around 4 PM eastern US time. #
  • Interview on BBC World News (radio) will air closer to 4:50 PM Eastern US time. #
  • BBC interview at; on far end of "Gaza flotilla: 01 June 10" hour. #
  • Look who's back in the news! #
  • Back from long morning run and hopped up on endorphins. Constructing great plans for new writing program (plus world takeover). #
  • Heading out to drive the pony. #
  • Ponies are obnoxious. #
  • Spent the afternoon at WaterCountry with the kids. Quite enjoyable as long as I could NOT think about all those other bodies in the water. #
  • Thinned peaches this morning, a process which makes me feel that I will NEVER share any of the surviving peaches with ANYONE EVER. #
  • On the Jamestown ferry. My GPS is both puzzled and alarmed. #
  • Pondering whether or not picnic with good food & interesting people is worth braving zillion-degree heat & Virginia humidity. #

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