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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-11

  • Doing routine revisions of will & legal stuff. Lawyer's opening remark: "In case of your potential decease…" Ah, THAT'S what it's called. #
  • Last time it was this hot: summer of 1977. Remember people kept asking if heat was a sign of approaching apocalypse. Turned out it wasn't. #
  • Have spent all morning trying to think like a fifth-grader. I think I broke my brain. #
  • One part of my brain: Reading The Capetian Kings of France this morning. Rest of my brain: Hoping for rain. #
  • Heading into my eighth day of voicelessness. #
  • Hello, computer! Since I can't talk to anyone else, I'll spend my morning with you. #
  • That half-inch was nice. Could we have some more, please? #
  • Whedon is to vampires what Tolkein is to orcs. Everyone who uses them should pay both imaginations a royalty. (Better yet: don't use them). #
  • Er, guess you can tell I'm not watching the World Cup. #

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