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Monthly Archives: November 2006

Practicing what one preaches

Last night, my agent sent me an email headed “Your PW review.” Naturally, I opened it. This went against all my best intentions. The problem with reviews is that they are sometimes written by intelligent and thoughtful people who offer helpful insights, and sometimes by self-important and ignorant jerks who are more interested in proclaiming […]

The final European update…and so to bed

I’m sitting in JFK after a seven-hour Virgin Atlantic flight, waiting to catch the Delta commuter plane to Richmond. I’m happy to report that at the end of my eleven-day excursion, I now have a diagram (complete with swoopy lines) of exactly how I want Volume II to unfold. Huzzah. Rather than posting a picture […]

Update #3: A walk through Oxford

I’ve been remiss in posting updates, because I’ve gotten up every morning, had a cup of coffee, and gone off to read at some part of the Bodleian. There are seventeen Bodleian libraries, and after you apply for a reader’s card (none of the buildings are open to visitors), you have to do a computer […]

Update #2: Blois and Rouen

I’ve just spent three days wandering around French towns with my friend Elizabeth; we met up in Paris (here she is sprinting ahead of me for the Gare du Nord train station, something we did more than once) and went to the little town of Blois, on the Loire River. Joan of Arc assembled her […]

Update #1: Dover and Calais

Well, I have managed to stay up all day, after missing an entire night’s sleep on that awful trans-Atlantic flight. This is the best way to fight jet-lag–keep moving until the evening after the flight and then collapse into a stupor. So I spent most of the morning climbing around Dover Castle and taking pictures […]