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Selected Short Pieces

Fancy’s Children,” Wall Street Journal, 9/06/2013

Talking About Real Marriage,” Books & Culture, 1/01/2012

Undercover Among the Evangelicals,” Books & Culture, 7/01/2010

“On Slippery Slopes, the Blogosphere, and (oh, yes) Women,” Books & Culture, 1/01/2007

Messy Revelation: Why Paul Would Have Flunked Hermeneutics,” Books & Culture, 5/01/2006 (full text here)

“Whiteness” (Part I) and “No Exit” (Part II), Books & Culture, Sept/Oct and Nov/Dec 2000. Featured in Arts & Letters Daily.

“God and Woman at Harvard,” in The Best Christian Writing 2000, ed. John Wilson (Harper SanFrancisco, 2000), print only

“Dodging the Home School Stereotype”, Beliefnet, August 31, 2000

“Old Souls and Little Gurus”, Beliefnet, July 24, 2000

“Christian Fiction Gets Real”, Christianity Today, April 24, 2000

“God and the Devil in Summer Blockbusters”, Christianity Today, August 9, 1999

“Corporate Sponsored Spontaneity”, Books & Culture, May/June 1999

“Oprah’s Misery Index,” Christianity Today, December 7, 1998.

“No One Knows Best”, Books & Culture, Nov./Dec. 1998

“Antarctica,” Books & Culture, Nov/Dec 1998

“Satan with a Stethoscope”, Christianity Today, October 5, 1998

“The Myth of a Better Prayer Life”, Christianity Today, May 15, 1998

“Blessed Be the Void that Binds,” Books & Culture, Sept/Oct. 1997, print only

“A Paper Doll King David”, Christianity Today, June 16, 1997

I Don’t Talk About My Children at Work,” Books & Culture, May/June 1997

Stephen King’s Tragic Kingdom,” Books & Culture, March/April 1997