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Monthly Archives: July 2007

This is the wall. This is your brain. This is your brain hitting the wall…

It’s the last day of July, and I have just finished 1) shovelling the revised academic-press manuscript off to the editor who might be interested in it, and 2) organizing all of my medieval history manuscripts, maps, charts, and books into a format where I can simply pick it up and start work on October […]

Home Alone

Do you know what this is? THIS is an empty house. My husband has taken all the children to New Jersey and left me alone. Those of you without multiple children are feeling sorry for me and wishing you could have me over for dinner. Those of you WITH children are gritting your teeth with […]

The Sunflower House

Today’s post has nothing to do with the History of the Ancient World, publishing, travelling, or education. Today’s post is about the Sunflower House, which has become too cool to ignore. Late in the spring, my mother (source of all creative kid-entertainment in this house, my two standbyes for boredom being “Read another book” and […]

Dispatch from NoVa

That’s Northern Virginia, for you non-East Coasters. (Northern Virginia is its own little part of the world, quite different from southeastern Virginia where I live, so deserves its own particular abbreviation.) This weekend I spoke at the Northern Virginia Home Education Conference in Chantilly. The NoVa conference is only in its fourth year, but it […]

The July Project, continued

I’ve been plugging away on my manuscript for Anonymous Prestigious University Press, working my way through the checkered careers of… (Which is like a party game. What do these people have in common?) Whenever I leave my work for the day, I put a Post-It on my keyboard telling me what my last thought of […]

You may be whining too much if…

…your foreign publisher sends you reviews to cheer you up. This week I got a lovely note from the Korean agent who handles my Korean rights. (Foreign sales require two agents–your agent, who acts on your behalf, and an agent working on behalf of the foreign publisher who’s bidding on translation rights to your books. […]

The July Project

So while wandering around this morning before the children got up, drinking coffee and staring into the corn, I came to a decision. I need a post-dissertation pre-history-manuscript deadline BREAK. Ooh, let me tell you all the things I want to do instead of write history every day. I want to read a lot of […]