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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Catalog page! Catalog page!

Check out the Princeton University Press catalog page for the Art of the Public Grovel!

Scenes from a Monday morning

Sundays are work days for us, so Mondays are our days off. It’s sprinkling a little this morning, but not too hard; the windows are open and the birds are singing. The neighbor’s cows are mooing (in fact they sound like they’re in the back yard–I’m going to go check as soon as I post). […]

Better technology. That’s what I need.

So I’m getting up at a dark and owl-haunted hour six days a week, laboring away morning by morning on a book which is impossibly huge and complicated. (Excuse me for a moment. HISTORY OF THE WORLD? Are you KIDDING? Why did I say I would DO THIS? I mean, it’s a RIDICULOUS project anyway, […]

Yes, grey and gray are two different colors.

After struggling with the copyedits on the Art of the Public Grovel, I got exasperated and begged the good folks at Princeton to PLEASE assign another editor to the project. (I was actually coping with the multiple rewrites, although my red-pencilled STETS were growing darker and bigger as my pencil dug deeper and deeper into […]

Really, I’m just waiting for them to start losing hair and avoiding the light…

Wish there were something interesting about publishing to post here, but for the last two weeks I’ve been either writing (that whole 4-10 AM thing) or dealing with my plague-stricken family, pretty much around the clock. A few weeks ago, Pete had the flu and then I had the flu. Then the kids got runny […]