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Monthly Archives: April 2009

New book update

The History of the Medieval World has just appeared on Amazon! This always makes the book seem much more real to me…despite the fact that there’s still production work to be done. In other book news: the third edition of The Well-Trained Mind (the tenth-anniversary edition) is now shipping from Peace Hill Press, Barnes & […]

Weeks 15 and 16 of the “52 Books in 52 Weeks”

Time for another update on the 52 Books in 52 Weeks challenge. I’m reading novels right now. Still feeling massive post-manuscript burnout (I need to post some more reflections on this but that would mean WRITING) and I’m trying to recover my story sense. And also my brain is too tired for nonfiction. So in […]

You might want to check your RSS feed…

My technologically-alert friend Charlie has pointed out that the RSS feed for this blog has changed (thanks to updates) from to So if you chance upon this post and haven’t been getting regular updates from your RSS feed, you might want to re-subscribe.

Dispatch from Cincinnati

This weekend I’m in Cincinnati at the Duke Energy Center, giving eight workshops on writing, literature, and classical education at the Midwest Homeschool Convention. This is a big and very friendly convention, and I’ve decided that I wouldn’t mind living here if I could eat at the French bistro JeanRo and the gastropub Nicholson’s on […]

History of the Medieval World…catalog page!

I’ve just gotten a copy of the Norton Fall 2009/Winter 2010 catalog, with the page in it for the History of the Medieval World. It’ll be out February 2010. So, just because I want everyone to see it, here it is:

The 52 Books challenge, Weeks…oh, I can’t remember.

Just FYI, I have been keeping up with the 52 Books in 52 Weeks challenge, I just haven’t been posting about it. I’m enjoying reading the books, but I’m plain old unmotivated when it comes to writing mini-reviews. I can probably manage a couple of words about the last three weeks’ worth of books… The […]

What “genius” and “being a writer” have in common

Yesterday I did my usual Saturday quarter-mile trek to get the mail (large steel rural mailbox, trek made in the afternoon since weekend mail doesn’t come until 3 PM at the earliest, checking mailboxes on either side so as to find mail-to-me-in-wrong-box and move mail-to-others-in-my-box-back-to-where-it-belongs) and opened the box to find a huge white package. […]

What would YOU like to see in your bookstore?

Just out of curiosity… If you teach your kids at home (either full-time, or after their classroom education)…what would you like to see at your local bookstore that would help make your job easier? Educator discount, support group, new shelf organization, particular titles…? I have a few ideas on this but I’m curious to see […]