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Baby pictures!

In a way, that is. Last night UPS delivered a square package from Norton–my first copy of the History of the Ancient World, straight off the presses. TA DAAA!!

It still won’t be available until March, though. Norton always asks Peace Hill Press to get copies of OUR titles into their warehouse for distribution six weeks ahead of the actual publication date (or “street date”) because it takes that long for the books to wend their way through the system and land in the bookstores. So the street date of March 26 hasn’t changed–although often books do start showing up on the market a week or so before.

My box of 25 author copies should arrive on the back porch shortly. Meanwhile, here are some more proud-parent shots: the back, with blurbs for my last two books on it:

a nice shot of the spine:

and the book-equivalent of the baby-in-the-bathtub shot: