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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-20

  • Tonight's good-to-be-home recreation: joy-riding around new farm road on RTV with kids/dogs hanging off every surface. #
  • This is what happens when you take a two-week vacation: bills/letters/packages/STUFF accumulate on desk like dirty paper snowdrift. #
  • Back to school, this morning. Kids are not filled with the joy of learning and discovery. #
  • Back to writing history this morning. My brain apparently remembers nothing about history. My brain apparently HAS no history. #
  • Heading off the grid to write. Yeah, I've just been off the grid for vacation, but this is "off the grid with many large reference books." #
  • I smell like bacon. Not "I smell bacon." I smell LIKE bacon. Darned breakfast-cooking for six. #
  • And now contemplating dinner: Something with eggs. Pullets are all laying, suddenly; nine dozen eggs in my fridge. #
  • Working on Iberia and the Almohads. Must…eat…more…chocolate… #
  • It's 54 degrees. Windows are open. Coffee's brewing. The morning's music is all organized. Sunday baking is in the oven. Ahhh. #
  • Heading into W'burg to plot dark, dark deeds with a friend. #

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