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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-04

  • Writing this morning so family day/state fair can happen on Thursday. Don't wanna write on a Monday. Wanna drink coffee & stare into space. #
  • Thinking that "From the Creation of the Jin Empire to the Peace of Westphalia is not such a catchy subtitle." #
  • Thinking that "From the Creation of the Jin Empire to the Peace of Westphalia" is not such a catchy subtitle. #
  • DS16 doing laundry and Latin, DS12 reading about Einstein, DD8 cuddling dog. She's going to smell interesting at the dinner table. #
  • What happen when you make banana pudding with chocolate cookies instead of vanilla wafers? #
  • Up and writing eaaarrrly. (Did you know that the northern Deccan Yadavas struggled w/the Hoysalas of Mysore and the Kakatiyas of Andhra?) #
  • Feel I should reassure readers that there will also be plenty of exciting & accessible assassination/swordplay/heretic-burning in Vol. 3… #
  • At State Fair. Watched sheepdog trials, ate a fried Snickers bar. #
  • Amazing Giant Horse that we all paid $1 to see is Belgian draft. Looks much like Belgian draft in my own pasture. Phooey. #
  • Yep, that's what fried Oreos need–powdered sugar on top. #
  • I think we need sheep on the farm. #
  • Yesterday: 9 hours of walking while hauling huge bag of everyone's stuff while they rode Coaster of Death et al. This morning: OWWW. #
  • Caramelizing onions. Mmm. #
  • Just wrote some darned good flap copy… #
  • Eating breakfast at Five Forks Cafe. So is a very large man in a kilt. #
  • Swiss chard, cheddar and bacon pie for dinner… #
  • A philosophical question, really: Is it possible for two teenage boys to pass within arm's reach without punching each other? #
  • This morning's services left me with an insatiable craving for Sour Patch Kid (a phenomenon not explained in the letters of Paul…) #

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