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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-13

  • And…the voice is gone. Time to crack out the referee's whistle. #
  • According to doctor I had flu, not cold, and now have post-flu-complication. At least can rule out middle age as cause of lingering malaise. #
  • Oldest son's first college application finished & heading out the door. (Wake Forest: keep your eyes open!) Feels like a big milestone. #
  • I will never stop coughing, it will never stop raining. Feel like the love child of Mimi and Noah. #
  • Let's play Finish the Lyric! "Gloom, despair, and agony on me/Deep dark depression, excessive misery/If it weren't for–" Your turn! #
  • Wow. Way, way too many of you remember Hee-Haw. #
  • Tree's up! #
  • DS18: "Some little sisters build dollhouses with their blocks. Mine is building a block enemy that she can skewer with her spear." #
  • Voice still gone. But if I whisper at the kids, they all start whispering back like soundtrack of creepy horror film. #
  • DS18 is decorating Christmas gingerbread men to look like zombies. Er… #
  • Cannot…possibly…stay in bed…one more day. Life must go on. #
  • Look! The outside world! #
  • Darn. It's dark and cold out there at 6:38 AM. #
  • Now that I'm done discovering new obscure kingdoms in India, I'm on to discovering them in southeastern Asia. Lots of them. Very obscure. #

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